LeChat Nail Care Products, a global innovator in the professional nail industry and creator of the Perfect Match color concept has brought on two new additions to their executive team to expand our global product distribution and connection with nail professionals worldwide.  Over twenty-five years ago, Newton H. Luu, our founder and President developed the history making powder gel nail system followed by developing the first ever bottled gel available to nail professionals.  Manicurists and nail artists worldwide have followed the evolution of LeChat brands since the very beginning as we continue to pave new ways in the industry, releasing the revolutionary Perfect Match color matching gels and lacquers, matching MOOD thermal gels and lacquers, glow in the dark color powders, and more.

LeChat manufactures a comprehensive line of professional nail products, as well as direct to consumer lines in multiple facilities in Richmond and Hercules, CA and we have grown both domestically and internationally, distributing products in over 40 different countries.  In 2016 we were awarded the “E” Award by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce for significant contributions to U.S. export expansion.  Now in 2019 it is the perfect time for LeChat to strengthen and expand our strong connection with distributors, manicurists and nail artists all over the world.

LeChat is increasing our global presence and distribution reach, and our education department in 2019.  In order to do so, we brought on two new executives to help us grow in both those spaces.  We would like to ask you to join us in welcoming Herman Paez and Rise Carter to our headquarters in Hercules, CA. Herman Paez is filling a new role at LeChat: Global Sales Director.  In this capacity he will be bringing LeChat Nail Care Products to more distributors, more salons, and more customers worldwide!  Read more about Herman here. Rise Carter is also filling a newly created role at Lechat: Director of Education. In her capacity as Director of Education, Rise will be creating new classes and workshops for LeChat, helping to increase nail care and nail product education worldwide.  You can learn more about Rise here.

Thank you for supporting LeChat the last quarter of a century and helping us continue to grow and expand! We look forward to continuing to innovate quality products you will love for many more years to come!

For sales inquiries please contact our new Global Sales Director, Herman Paez via email herman.paez@lechatnails.com.

For information about hosting or attending a LeChat class or workshop, please contact our new Director of Education Rise Carter via email rise.carter@lechatnails.com.

For any other questions, please contact our Head of Marketing Cheryl Feinberg via email cheryl.feinberg@lechatnails.com.