It’s the New Year and it’s time for new nails and new trends!  We’ve been tracking the trends on social media and have come up with our top four trends for manicures this year. Click the photos and embedded links to shop the our takes on the trends and check out the artists who contributed the amazing manicures pictured below!

Jelly Nails

Whether you call them Jelly or Glass nails, translucent gel polishes made quite the impression on the industry in 2018. We predict them coming back in a bigger way as we move into months where more vibrant colors are popular.  Jelly nails will also be taken to a whole new level as nail technicians become more familiar with the product and begin to play with embellishments and new techniques.


Negative Space

Negative space nail art is a fun way to mix techniques and create a unique effect, as well as extend your manicure. With this trend, you see the natural nail incorporated into the overall look. Little pops of nude (or translucent gel) where you’d normally expect full coverage color create a unique effect that is sure to become more popular this year.


The shine in 2018 was mostly brought by intricate patterns of bling. In 2019, loose glitter is upping the sparkle game and will be one of the most popular embellishments of the year.  With loose glitter, you can create the coverage and effects you want, ranging from encapsulated glitter to ombre glitter, to full coverage.

Mixed Designs

The days of the solo accent nail are fading and the days of mixed designs are increasing. Can’t decide on one color or one technique? Mix it up! Nails are becoming more fun and more creative and mixed designs are on the rise.

What trends do you think will dominate the nail industry this year?  Let us know!

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