Lechat’s presence at Premiere Orlando this year was more prominent than ever before. Our booth stayed the same size, but our team and activity nearly doubled. We also invited three of the top twelve NTNA competitors to our booth to do live nail art demonstrations using our summer 2019 Colorful Moments collection.

LeChat Nails Booth for Premier Orlando 2019

LeChat Nails Booth buzzing with activity at Premier Orlando 2019

LeChat was the sponsor for week three of the challenge – Perception Vs. Reality. The challenge was to use LeChat’s new translucent Perception gel-polish to create a nail design with dual meaning. The top ten artists were to create this by using LeChat Nail products on the underside of the nail and the top side of the nail. The contests were also asked to film a 5-minute video diary, where they showed the process of at least one underside design and one top design, which can be found on YouTube.

Colorful Moments Premier Orlando Demo Nails

Thanks to NTNA 2019 contestants Jerilee Fair (top twelve), Emily Nash (top six), and the winner herself, Ashton Harlan created an outstanding look on Hemi Park, a past NTNA top 3 finalist, as part of their nail art demos at our booth.

Here are the Top Ten Contestants’ nail art using LeChat’s Perception Collections:

LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Ashton Harlan for Nails Magazing NTNA 2019

“…when we are not willing to see the reality behind our emotions, we lose sight of ourselves… With clouded judgment and a closed mind, our perception of reality becomes a false reality…Negative emotions [can] be overcome by… changing our perception of ourselves, and looking inward with self-reflection can we make the necessary changes.

First of all – Congratulations to MisAshton who won the title of Nails Top Nail Artist for season six this year. Ashton portrayed “the seven deadly sins by playing on phrases like “the green-eyed monster” and “seeing red” on the top side of the nail. She balances the design filled with the perception of negative emotions with the seven chakra symbols. These are meant to help us guide ourselves back to our center and to a positive path through “self-reflection.”
LeChat Percepton Nails by Ashley Hoffman for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

“I am very cautious of the ocean because it is dark and mysterious. That is my perception of the ocean, so I wanted to illustrate that on the underside of my nail design.”

Just keep swimming, and you can see the ocean is a vast, beautiful, and magical place once you explore beyond the often murky perception of its deep blue surface. Ashlee Hoffman used the Perception collection to “show that even though something may appear dark and ominous that when you take a clear look, there is so much beauty.”
LeChat Nails by Bojana Radojicic Percepton Vs. Reality Challenge entry by for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

“My inspiration for this challenge is the movie “The Others,” starring Nicole Kidman.”

Bojana Radojicic‘s thrilling inspiration from the movie “The Others,” starring Nicole Kidman has the thriller and horror fans around here tipping their hats to her. Her design shows that one’s perceived reality is not always the actual reality.

LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Carly Snyr for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

“Social media can show us things that may or not be genuine.”

Carly Snyr used her nail art to comment on the perception people create of themselves on social media versus the reality of their lives. “With social media having such high importance and influence these days, I can’t help but notice the desperation to appear as good as, or better than our peers, no matter the illusion it takes to get there. Social media can show us things that may or not be genuine.” The character of her self on the underside displays her trapped under the pressures of social perception and then punching through in search of “peace and authenticity, love, and reality.”

LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Emily Nash for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

“Can you imagine how it would be to perceive color completely different than someone else?”

Nail artist Emily Nash challenges us to perceive the world through the eyes of someone who is colorblind.  She mirrored the design on the top and bottom of the nail. On the top, she used white as a base to make the colors pop, but muted the colors on the underside to show how differently we each perceive the world based on an individual’s physical realities.

LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Jenna Jupin for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

“Have you ever been in a wild forest in the night?”

Jenna Jupin has us bewildered by her natural inspiration. She asks empowers us to overcome our “fears of [false] perception[s]” using natural healing elements of nature, including emerald for eyesight and wellbeing, and the powerful protection energy of Amber.

LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Kelsey Waldo for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

“This challenge made me think of another passion of mine, helping people with domestic violence situations. I thought that this would be a very accurate representation of people’s perceptions of a relationship versus reality.”

This painful yet often real reality for victims of domestic violence is unapologetically brought to light by Kelsey Waldo. She works with people of domestic violence and is using her art to help raise awareness in a very approachable pop art format. “This way, [Kelsey] was able to show [raw] images and make an impact but in a more artsy way… even when you can see the reality you can never truly see or understand the abuse that these people endure. For people who are not subjected to domestic violence images, they may not know how frequently it occurs or that they themselves are in an abusive relationship.” She depicts verbal, physical, and emotional abuse. She also provides hope through help and empowerment – as the thumbnail shows -“Speak out.”

LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Lorna Andrews for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

“Let’s first start by asking the question: do you like you? What do you perceive yourself to be in a world that can be seemingly perfect…”

Lorna Andrews has us singing Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful” with this reveal set depicting her empowering message that we are perfect just as the unique individuals we are. In her own words, Lorna’s reveal set “shows the way we as individuals perceive ourselves to look, as we highlight our insecurities, lumps, and bumps, and imperfections. I wanted to show I included the white hoops to represent the great lengths people go to fit in… I feel like society has a distorted perception of beauty and I wanted to portray that within a revealing set that shows the tables turning of how we as individuals perceive ourselves with our insecurities highlighted in color, and then the tip swiveling around to portray the reality that you are absolutely stunning NO MATTER WHAT. Believe in yourself because you’ve got this!”

Nixxi Rose - LeChat Perception NTNA 2019

“The idea of highlighting the topic of plastics in the ocean seemed to work well alongside the color scheme and the theme of perception vs. reality.”

The winner of the Perception Vs. Reality challenge was Nixxi Rose, who drew her inspiration from an image “of a jellyfish compared to a plastic bag. “The idea of highlighting the topic of plastics in the ocean seemed to work well alongside the color scheme and the theme of perception vs. reality. On the top side, I represented the perception of the sea; vibrant, full of life and abundant with color.” On the backside, she “depict[ed] the harsh reality of mountains of plastic disguising itself as jellyfish, bubbles and light refraction floating ominously ready to choke, trap or poison any unfortunate nearby sea creatures.

Stella Sampson - LeChat Nails Perception NTNA 2019 Challenge

“…my piece of nail art is really all about showing the reality we want to show on the top of the nails, and on the bottom is the acceptance of others based on the perception of the reality we show.”

We love the happy #Lechat nail on this set by Stella Thompson, who was inspired by how social media twists reality. As Stella says, “A beautified reality, which in turn changes our perception in regards to our image, happiness, and success. That’s how we fall into the trap and become captives of social media.”

We are genuinely inspired by your powerful artwork, Ladies!  And speaking of getting inspired by social – for more nail art inspiration, get social with us on Instagram and Facebook. And for all of the LeChat products these artists used and more, visit us at LeChatNails.com!