Gel and acrylic manicures were the traditional way of getting your nails done but now 3in1 dip powder nails are becoming a favored alternative. Nail salons and technicians have used color powders on customers for quite some time now. But what exactly are the benefits?

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What is Dip Powder?

Unlike acrylic and gel, 3in1 dip powder will not weaken your nails when you wear it. With the durability of acrylic and the flexibility of gel, dip powder is a hybrid between the two systems. Dip nails can last just as long as acrylics but they are removed like gel polish. Dip powder does not need to be cured and sealed with a UV lamp, unlike gel manicures. Additionally, the powder can be applied in three different ways. You can brush it onto the nail, dip the nail into the powder, or pour the powder directly over the nail. Most salons prefer the brushing method when using dip as it is the most hygienic, efficient, and is less wasteful.

bright purple/pink dip powder nails with glitter

Inspo: @oceannails3d
Shades: Hi-Voltage, 40 Days in Rio

The Benefits

  • Long-Lasting.

Are you looking for a manicure that will stay on longer than your standard acrylic nails? Dip powder can last up to a month when done professionally. While it depends on the individual, dip powder should remain chip-free for at least a month, whereas gel and acrylic generally only last two weeks.

  • Stronger Results.

After getting a dip powder manicure, your nails will be healthier and stronger! Remember that this can vary from individual depending on variables such as age, health, genes, and hygiene.

  • No Odor.

Many people are allergic to the smell of acrylic and gel; and some might even be allergic to the ingredients. Dip powder is a perfect alternative for those who are prone to allergies with nail products.

  • No UV light needed.

That’s right! Dip powder nails do not need to be cured and sealed under UV lamps for a durable, long-lasting color and shine! Dip manicures are completely air dryable.

  • Numerous Colors.

No need to worry about not finding the right shade for your dip nails. LeChat provides a wide range of 224 colors. Just like finding your regular nail polish, it is just as easy to find your favorite shades with 3in1 powder!one hand with long coffin nails, painted with a bright hot pink color using 3in1 dip powder

Inspo: @wendyvnails
Shades: That’s Hot Pink, Blood Orange
  • Easy to do at home.

Dip nails are super low maintenance when done correctly. At-home kits don’t require a lot of steps or as much time as acrylic nails do. For this reason, dip nails can easily be done at home resulting in a beautiful, durable manicure. LeChat offers a Perfect Match Professional French Dip Kit that allows you to do your nails quickly and comfortably when you are eager to try dip nails yourself! 3in1 french dip powder kitPRO TIP: LeChat Educator, Syreeta Aaron, loves this kit because it comes with everything you need for the best at-home dip powder manicures. “This is a kit that I would recommend to anyone that has a love for doing their own nails with a product of quality.” As quoted from Byrdie’s article on Dip Powder Manicures.

More Details

In case you want to give dip nails a try, here’s further information you should know. When removing the dip manicure, you should file your nails to break the seal on the dip powder and soak your nails in an acetone solution. Please note improper removal may cause damage to the nail – so don’t try just peeling them off! The best way to remove your dip nails is to visit a nail technician or your local salon. Keep your nails and hands healthy throughout the duration of your powder manicure by applying cuticle oil and hand cream from time to time.

flat lay of cuticle oil

Try LeChat Spa CBD cuticle oil, infused with 100mg of CBD with lavender and mint essential oils, the perfect cuticle oil for keeping your nails healthy.

black and gold glittery nailsInspo: @oceannails3d
Shades: Black Velvet

If you are looking for a long-lasting manicure give LeChat Perfect Match 3in1 Dip Powder a try. If you are looking for dip nail art inspiration and tutorials, check out our socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.