Do you have short COVID-19 nails? If so, no worries! Short nail art designs are trending.

We have 10 short nail art designs for you to try, whether at your nearest nail salon or in the comfort of your home. From bold tie-dye to the classic French tip, there are so many trendy ways to show off your short nails!

  1. Negative Space

bright colorful short nail design with negative space

Inspo: @getnailedbychrisawn
Shades: Paloma, Go Girl, Spot Light, Black Velvet, Flawless White, Lemon Drop

Want a simple nail design you can easily do yourself? Negative space art typically features the natural nail, topped with bold colored designs such as stripes, dots, and blocks. The possibilities are endless. There is a wide range of designs you can create based on your preferences – Have Fun. This nail design stands out with its bold lines, yet it is effortless to create. Negative space designs allow for your manicure to have more longevity which is needed during this uncertain time.

  1. Half-Moon
Light blue nails painted with half moon or half dipped design. Fingers resting on top of multicolored sequins, short nail designs
Inspo: @nails_by_ceci
Shade: Selene

Half-moon nails is a design that has been popular for a long time. Also called half-dipped nails, this design is simple but never fails to stand out. Use bold colors and create a half-moon design whether it is at the cuticle, or at the tips of your nails. Half-dipped nails are another easy DIY design you can create at home. Plus just like negative space, this minimalist design allows for your manicure to last longer between trips to the salon.

PRO TIP: LeChat Educator, Syreeta Aaron, has a few tips on how to create the perfect half-dipped design, as featured in a Refinery29 article. The key is to keep the dividing line clean so the polish won’t look chipped. “You’ll paint the nail from halfway up to the tip. Then, to create a perfect line between the color and negative space, use a small brush dipped in polish remover and skim it across the dividing line of each nail.”

  1. Classic French

Hand holding two bottles of nail polish, middle three fingers painted with white french tip, pinky and thumb painted red, short nail designs

Inspo: @nailsbyguin
Shades: Flawless White, Fizzy Apple

Classic French tips have been popular throughout the 1970s and early 2000s and it is back in style once again. Whether it is with round or square tips, this design is minimal yet elegant; and it looks great on short nails! Try this updated French manicure for your next set.

  1. Gradient

hand resting on a mirror, pastel gradient painted on the nails ranging from light pinks to orange. short nail designs

Inspo: @polishednailstudio__
Shades: Happily Ever After, Mint Jubilee, Pink Lace Veil, Always & Forever, Peach Charming

Can’t decide on one color for your nails? Why not choose them all? Gradient nails allow you to select five different solid colors to paint on your nails. It is recommended to use similar color shades, such as five different shades of pink. However, you can be bold and use colors from different color families or all pastels like the nail look above. Gradients are another fairly simple design and they look great on short nails.

  1. Simple Floral

pink nails holding a nail polish bottle, two fingers have white daisies painted on them

Inspo: @unas_by_lilly
Shade: Butterflies

Flowers, flowers, flowers. In the mood for more of a spring look? Depending on the type of flower you choose, they can be particularly easy to create. Paint on a solid color, topping it with your favorite flower, like daisies for example, and create a delightful manicure for your short nails.

  1. Minimally Abstract

light nude color painted nails, two nails have abstract faces outlined in black and yellow

Inspo: @clavelgonzalez
Shade: French Vanilla

Lines, dots, shapes, and faces. Whatever pops in your head, its time for you to get creative. As one of the fall trends, minimal abstract art allows you to create simple designs while still having nails that stand out. Now go create mini masterpieces on your short canvases!

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  1. Not-So-Basic French

Multicolored french tip nails, range from bright yellow to magenta

Inspo: @itafierro
Shades: Extra Lime Please, Paradise, Moonstone, Happy Hour

As we said earlier, the classic French tip design is back in style, but so is a similar design that’s a little less subtle. Rather than using white on your short tips, change it up, and use a different color. You can also liven up the traditional French tip by using multiple colors, v-tips, or by adding simple designs like flowers and glitter.

  1. Flames

two hands pointing towards each other, almond shaped nails with pink and blue flames on the tips

Inspo: @sugarplumfairyfingers
Shades: Moonstone, Go Girl, Blue-Tiful Smile, Clear Liquid Gel Builder

Flames nail art is one of the hottest nail trends right now. This design looks great on both long and short nails. There are numerous ways to create this style! From using just one color, different shades for each flame, or even doing an ombré effect. Get creative and bring the heat to your next set of nails.

  1. Ombré

fingers painted with a pink, purple, and blue ombre design. with dried flowers in the nails. three nail polish bottles

Inspo: @sugarplumfairyfingers
Shade: Lavender Fields, Wisteria, Forget Me Not

Similar to gradient nails, ombré nails allow you to use more than one color. Whether you use solid colors, glitters, or metallics, you can create your set of short nails to match your mood. Want an easy way to create the ombré nails? 

Try our Perfect Match Dip Ombré Gel!

  1. Tie-Dye

multicolored rainbow nails with a tie-dye design

Inspo: @anastasia.totty
Shade: HeartthrobHappy HourSplash of Teal, Lilac Lux, California Coral 

In the mood for adding some vibrance to your short nails? Then, it’s time to tie-dye your nails. Have fun with it and mix it up with different colors, from neon to pastels. Whether you are going for a groovy or cute look like the nails above, it doesn’t get much bolder than this.

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