If you are looking for the perfect nail lamp, look no further than LeChat! Avoid common curing issues like color wrinkling and heat spikes and get ready for everything you need to know about our Incure Cordless LED & UV Lamp.

Our portable Incure nail lamp is a hybrid lamp made up of 365nm UV + 400 LED bulbs. It features a USB charger, patent-pending double injection molding technology for additional durability and strength, and multiple light settings.

So, what is it all about?

With the Incure lamp’s three different LED and UV light settings (100%, 75%, and 50%) and two setting timers (30 or 60 seconds), you get the ultimate nail production versatility! Because of these factors, our Incure lamp will ensure perfectly cured manicures for you or your client. The rose gold finish has a fashionable, unique look perfect for any salon while also delivering excellent performance and quality.

LeChat Educator, Syreeta Aaron, loves the Incure Lamp: “… it’s portable and wireless, and the rose gold color makes it fashionable! Most importantly, I don’t have problems with thumbs not curing properly.” hand going into a lit up nail led uv incure lampAaron had problems with previous lamps that wouldn’t cure the gel polish on her client’s thumbs, but with LeChat’s Incure lamp that has twice the bulbs as an average nail lamp and placement grooves to guide the fingers in the proper place, she says that she never has problems with curing gel polish anymore.

Our Incure Lamp is completely portable. 

The cordless lamp is easily transportable and won’t get caught in wires. Plus, its battery is rechargeable. Its portability is perfect for these uncertain times when you might not be able to be in a salon. There is a handle on top of the lamp, letting you grab and bring it to any place or position.

The Removable Battery. 

No need to worry about your battery running out of charge as each lamp comes with a backup battery! Simply replace it with a new battery and charge up the drained one. If you prefer using an outlet or plug in a cord to charge the Incure lamp. The battery can also charge mobile devices!

Our nail educators and technicians say their clients love to charge their phones while they work. How do you know when the battery is charged or if the battery is low? There is no need to worry! 

When all four LED lights are illuminated on the battery, it means it is fully charged and ready for use. If the power level is lower than 25%, one of the LED lights will flash as a reminder to charge it. To save energy the lamp will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity, and all indicator lights will shut off.

The Nail Plate. 

Our Rose Gold Hybrid Incure Nail Lamp includes a custom nail plate designed to direct your client’s hands into the proper position ensuring all nails are properly cured. The plate easily slides in and out, which makes cleaning easy. This feature is a must at this time when it is more important than ever to keep you and your clients healthy.

The Perfect Pedi Partner.

The combination of a cordless design and a removable base plate makes the Incure lamp your perfect pedi partner. Simply slide out the base plate, unplug the cord, and set the lamp over your client’s foot.

This Incure lamp is LeChat Influencer Elle’s favorite: “Previous wireless lamps didn’t cure right, but the power and construction of this lamp have made it a new favorite of mine. It is ideal when I’m working simultaneously with hair and makeup since I don’t need an outlet.”  Elle also loves that the lamp can be used when doing pedicures for her clients. The cordless feature allows the lamp to be easily placed anywhere and is big enough for feet. 

Some Inspo featuring the Incure Lamp.

fall inspired nails in front of led uv incure lamp  @anastasia.totty

@clavelgonzalez bright butterfly nails in front of uv led incure lamp

colorful flower nails in front of uv led incure nail lamp @anastasia.totty

Watch LeChat’s Incure Lamp function in action here.

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