Glittery Tulip Nail Art Tutorial

June 14, 2024

Use a unique mixture of clear powder and glitter to create a backdrop for the sweetest foral manicure that customers will love!


  • Prep and Base Layer:
  • Second Layer Application:
    • Apply another thin layer of color 057 Lucia, but do not cure this layer just yet. This will help the glitter adhere better.
  • Prepare Glitter Mix:
  • Add Some Sparkle:
    • Sprinkle the prepared glitter mix over the wet layer of 057 Lucia, making sure to cover the entire nail.
    • Cure the nail under the UV/LED lamp to set the glitter.
  • Check the Curing:
    • Ensure the nail is completely cured and no longer sticky. This creates a smooth base for your nail art.

Your beautiful tulip nail art is complete! Enjoy the stunning, glittery floral design. Feel free to personalize and add your own creative touches to make the design uniquely yours!

As Seen In

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