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Perfect Match™ Duo (Gel & Polish) May Deal
LeChat Nails

Pro Exclusive

Award-winning bestseller Perfect Match comes with a flawlessly color-matched free Dare to Wear nail lacquer. This easy application, soak-off formula has a long-lasting shine that lasts for weeks. Comes in over 200 cream, frost and glitter colors.

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Perfect Match DIP

The durability of gel polish, the strength of acrylic, and the ease of application of a lacquer.

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An exclusive LeChat creation—simply sprinkle powder of wet gel then cure for stronger nails and longer lasting manicures.

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Mirano Art Gel

Mirror-like, chrome pigment that shifts in light for an edgy effect.

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Nobility Soak Off Formula Gel System

Professional soak off formula system.

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Nobility Gel Polish

Dazzling variety of 130 gel polishes in a set with matching Nobility nail lacquer.

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ProTec Gel

Hard gel kit with everything needed to build durable nails with a high gloss finish.

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Nail Architecture Acrylic

Build the framework for long-lasting nails that are just as beautiful as they are structurally sound.

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