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LeChat Nails

CM – Nail Art – Kit



Create beautiful eye-catching nail art with CM™ striping brush and paintbrush kit. The included DVD will provide you with 20 awesome nail art ideas for you to recreate or add your own flare for a custom design.
9 .33oz Striping Brush:
NA05 Hot Green, NA06 Navy Blue, NA07 Dark Red, NA08 Pearl, NA09 Gold, NA10 Sky Blue, NA11 Light Purple, NA12 Dark Purple & NA45 Crystal Glitter
9 .33oz Paint Brush:
PB602 Yellow, PB606 Super Purple, PB607 Metallic Green, PB609 White, PB610 Black, PB611 Gold Glitter, PB612 Silver Glitter, PB613 Pink Pastel & PB622 Gold Diamond
1 Demonstration DVD

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