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  1. Red Carpet Nails for Blake Lively

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    Blake and I always collaborate on her looks—we have a close relationship and have been working together for so many years. We planned this look about a week ago after having multiple Facetimes and sending each other mood boards back and forth. Blake had sent me pictures of the dress, which was a sequined Prabal Gurung, and she wanted a look that was sweet, but edgy. We usually draw inspiration from the movie promos and try to match the theme, but this time we decided that didn’t work. We went off the dress instead opting for pressed flowers paired with a more rock and roll style. I love that it was innocent with a wild edge, breaking away from what she usually does. -Elle

    New York Celebrity Nail Artist and LeChat Influencer, Enamelle, created Blake Lively’s Red Carpet nail look for the movie premiere of Free Guy.

    Want the look? Elle breaks down her process in a few simple steps:

    1. First I applied a full set of gel nails (tips) using LeChat Liquid Gel Builder in Clear followed by filing and shaping the nails into an oval shape. There’s no need to apply a basecoat since it’s already a gel nail (from the builder gel).
    2. I painted the tips with LeChat Perfect Match Smoke Show, which is a slate gray cream—and matches the Pantone color of the year.
    3. I then went back to the middle of the nail and applied Smoke Show again, making it thinner and painting it up to the top. This made the top (the tips) darker and created the ombre effect.
    4. Once the ombre effect was achieved, I applied just one, very sheer coat of LeChat Perfect Match Simply Me (launching in the Fall 2021 collection), which is a light pink, just to blend it out and warm up the gray.
    5. Lastly, I took tiny pressed flowers (you can find these at a craft store), soaking them first in alcohol to soften them up and then placing them on the nail. This is delicate work and took a little longer than usual as adding the flowers needed perfecting as I had to inlay. They are 3D and you need to case them into the gel.
    6. I added an additional accent by crumpling up gold and silver foil and placing it on the nail wherever I wanted a shine factor.
    7. The look was finished with a topcoat cured for 30 seconds and LeChat CBD Cuticle Oil

    We just love this red carpet nail look and hope to see you trying it out soon!red carpet blake lively, showing off nails, in a sequin pink dress, posing with husband ryan reynolds

    red carpet blake lively, holding hands in a heart shape, showing off nails

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  2. Pastel Ombré Nail Design – DIY

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    This easy DIY pastel ombré nail design is on-trend this season. The sparkly multicolored style brings you into the spirit of the winter. Nail technician to the stars, LeChat influencer and fan, Elle provides us with the steps to achieve this wintery look.

    As seen in a recent “The Zoe Report” article.

    Elle’s DIY how-to for an easy pastel holiday look takes just 5 steps. “I love how the glitter on top seamlessly blends the whole look together and gives an opalescent effect to keep things shiny and festive for the season,” says Elle.  Pastels are some of the winter’s most popular tones, bringing a fun twist to the holidays. Elle describes this design as a “Frozen-inspired look that celebrates the season.

    DIY Pastel Ombre Nail Design, light blue to pink ombre with a translucent glitter top coatProducts: Twinkle Toes, Lilac Lux, Glacial Dust

    What You’ll Need:

    Before you Start:

    Depending on what you prefer, you can create this look with either nail lacquer or gel polish. However, you’ll need to cure your nails with a nail lamp if you use gel polish!

    Follow these steps:

    1: First, apply the base coat.

    2: Secondly, apply one coat of Twinkle Toes.

    3: Thirdly, pour out Lilac Lux with Twinkle Toes spilled out next to it. Next, use a sponge and stamp the two shades directly onto the nails. This is an easy way to create an ombré look at home—no blending or brush needed.

    4: Next, top with Glacial Dust Glitter Gel to add a holiday sparkle and to easily blend the two shades together.

    5: Finally, finish off your look with our Mirano Top Coat to seal the design with a glossy shine.

    Just like that, you’ll create a beautiful ombré nail design perfect for the holidays!

    Looking for more wintery nails? Get inspired through our InstagramFacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and YouTube! See our recent blog post on the Top 5 Winter Trends for 2020! If you recreate this pastel ombré nail design, use #LeChatNails and tag us @lechatnails for a chance to be featured on our socials. Lastly, for all of the LeChat products these artists used and more, visit us at!

  3. Top 5 Winter Nail Trends for 2020 – 2021

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    Tis the season! This winter season, switch up your typical manicure and try something new! Short or long nails, pink or blue—this season’s nail trends are simple yet unique. If you’re looking for a wintery design to get into the festive spirit, here are five winter nail trends you need to jump into.

    1. 3D Sweater Nails

    3D Forest Green Sweater Nails with a blinged out pinkyInspo: @misashton
    Shade: Dark Forest   

    Two-toned 3D grey sweater nails with two bottles of Perfect Match Gel Polish featured

    Inspo: @cariesha_ 
    Shades: Smoke Show, Behind Closed Doors

    The 3D sweater nail is the perfect design to match your Christmas sweaters! You don’t need to be an expert in crochet or knitting to rock these cozy-chic nails. Match your sweater nails with rhinestones to create a festive bling look. Plus, while this nail trend mimics the texture of a sweater, it goes perfectly with any outfit!

    2. Glitter Bomb

    Inspo: @nc_nails_academy
    Collection: Sky Dust Glitter Gel

    Inspo: @polishednailsbybritt
    Shades: Sonic Bloom, Manhattan

    Glitter is what your nails need this winter! There are endless designs that you can do with glitter. You can comfortably rock a manicure with a solid glitter or a crafty cute ombre glitter. The magic of glitter is that it can be any dimension, form, and color. Try glitter nails now with our new Sky Dust Glitter Gel Collection!

    3. Leopard Print

    Inspo: @ceirrasnails
    Shades: Peach Charming, Innocence 

    winter nail trends - glittery leopard print

     Inspo: @donnynails
     Shades: Twilight Twinkle, Black Velvet,  California Coral

    Despite the vast range of animal prints, we can all agree that the popular leopard print is perfect for anyone who wants a fierce look. This design is a simple way to make a statement this season—you can even add glitter create a glamourous look. Check out this YouTube video on how to do your own Leopard prints: Sparkly Leopard Print Nails

    4. Watercolor Nails

    winter nail trends : beautiful watercolor nails, similar to northern lights designInspo: @vo.tino
    Shades: Indigo Flow, Lilac Lux, Splash of Teal 

    Inspo: @sugarplumfairyfingers
    Shades: Sunset Glow, Shattered Sun, California Coral

    Shop the Juicy Vibes Collection!

    The watercolor design, also known as aquarelle, is an ombré, multi-colored design on trend for this winter. A very eye-catching and unique design, it mimics the technique of a watercolor painting.

    5. Plaid

    winter nail trends : plaid and glitter nailsInspo: @nailsbytashalynn 
    Shades: Passionate Kiss, Cashmere, Black Ice, Such a Cutie       
    winter nail trends : plaid nailsInspo: @monynailart
    Shades: Felicity, Harvest Moon

    Just like sweater nails, plaid nails are inspired by rich textiles. Plaid is an easy multicolor design that only takes a couple of lines to achieve! In addition, this design looks best when paired with a gradient or shimmery color.

    Looking for more winter nail trends? Get inspired through our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube! If you recreate any of these nail designs, use #LeChatNails and tag us @lechatnails for a chance to be featured on our socials. And for all of the LeChat products these artists used and more, visit us at!

  4. The Benefits of 3in1 Dip Powder

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    Gel and acrylic manicures were the traditional way of getting your nails done but now 3in1 dip powder nails are becoming a favored alternative. Nail salons and technicians have used color powders on customers for quite some time now. But what exactly are the benefits?

    RELATED: Byrdie’s Dip Powder Manicure article Featuring LeChat Educator Syreeta Aaron

    What is Dip Powder?

    Unlike acrylic and gel, 3in1 dip powder will not weaken your nails when you wear it. With the durability of acrylic and the flexibility of gel, dip powder is a hybrid between the two systems. Dip nails can last just as long as acrylics but they are removed like gel polish. Dip powder does not need to be cured and sealed with a UV lamp, unlike gel manicures. Additionally, the powder can be applied in three different ways. You can brush it onto the nail, dip the nail into the powder, or pour the powder directly over the nail. Most salons prefer the brushing method when using dip as it is the most hygienic, efficient, and is less wasteful.

    bright purple/pink dip powder nails with glitter

    Inspo: @oceannails3d
    Shades: Hi-Voltage, 40 Days in Rio

    The Benefits

    • Long-Lasting.

    Are you looking for a manicure that will stay on longer than your standard acrylic nails? Dip powder can last up to a month when done professionally. While it depends on the individual, dip powder should remain chip-free for at least a month, whereas gel and acrylic generally only last two weeks.

    • Stronger Results.

    After getting a dip powder manicure, your nails will be healthier and stronger! Remember that this can vary from individual depending on variables such as age, health, genes, and hygiene.

    • No Odor.

    Many people are allergic to the smell of acrylic and gel; and some might even be allergic to the ingredients. Dip powder is a perfect alternative for those who are prone to allergies with nail products.

    • No UV light needed.

    That’s right! Dip powder nails do not need to be cured and sealed under UV lamps for a durable, long-lasting color and shine! Dip manicures are completely air dryable.

    • Numerous Colors.

    No need to worry about not finding the right shade for your dip nails. LeChat provides a wide range of 224 colors. Just like finding your regular nail polish, it is just as easy to find your favorite shades with 3in1 powder!one hand with long coffin nails, painted with a bright hot pink color using 3in1 dip powder

    Inspo: @wendyvnails
    Shades: That’s Hot Pink, Blood Orange
    • Easy to do at home.

    Dip nails are super low maintenance when done correctly. At-home kits don’t require a lot of steps or as much time as acrylic nails do. For this reason, dip nails can easily be done at home resulting in a beautiful, durable manicure. LeChat offers a Perfect Match Professional French Dip Kit that allows you to do your nails quickly and comfortably when you are eager to try dip nails yourself! 3in1 french dip powder kitPRO TIP: LeChat Educator, Syreeta Aaron, loves this kit because it comes with everything you need for the best at-home dip powder manicures. “This is a kit that I would recommend to anyone that has a love for doing their own nails with a product of quality.” As quoted from Byrdie’s article on Dip Powder Manicures.

    More Details

    In case you want to give dip nails a try, here’s further information you should know. When removing the dip manicure, you should file your nails to break the seal on the dip powder and soak your nails in an acetone solution. Please note improper removal may cause damage to the nail – so don’t try just peeling them off! The best way to remove your dip nails is to visit a nail technician or your local salon. Keep your nails and hands healthy throughout the duration of your powder manicure by applying cuticle oil and hand cream from time to time.

    flat lay of cuticle oil

    Try LeChat Spa CBD cuticle oil, infused with 100mg of CBD with lavender and mint essential oils, the perfect cuticle oil for keeping your nails healthy.

    black and gold glittery nailsInspo: @oceannails3d
    Shades: Black Velvet

    If you are looking for a long-lasting manicure give LeChat Perfect Match 3in1 Dip Powder a try. If you are looking for dip nail art inspiration and tutorials, check out our socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  5. 10 Short Nail Art Designs

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    Do you have short COVID-19 nails? If so, no worries! Short nail art designs are trending.

    We have 10 short nail art designs for you to try, whether at your nearest nail salon or in the comfort of your home. From bold tie-dye to the classic French tip, there are so many trendy ways to show off your short nails!

    1. Negative Space

    bright colorful short nail design with negative space

    Inspo: @getnailedbychrisawn
    Shades: Paloma, Go Girl, Spot Light, Black Velvet, Flawless White, Lemon Drop

    Want a simple nail design you can easily do yourself? Negative space art typically features the natural nail, topped with bold colored designs such as stripes, dots, and blocks. The possibilities are endless. There is a wide range of designs you can create based on your preferences – Have Fun. This nail design stands out with its bold lines, yet it is effortless to create. Negative space designs allow for your manicure to have more longevity which is needed during this uncertain time.

    1. Half-Moon
    Light blue nails painted with half moon or half dipped design. Fingers resting on top of multicolored sequins, short nail designs
    Inspo: @nails_by_ceci
    Shade: Selene

    Half-moon nails is a design that has been popular for a long time. Also called half-dipped nails, this design is simple but never fails to stand out. Use bold colors and create a half-moon design whether it is at the cuticle, or at the tips of your nails. Half-dipped nails are another easy DIY design you can create at home. Plus just like negative space, this minimalist design allows for your manicure to last longer between trips to the salon.

    PRO TIP: LeChat Educator, Syreeta Aaron, has a few tips on how to create the perfect half-dipped design, as featured in a Refinery29 article. The key is to keep the dividing line clean so the polish won’t look chipped. “You’ll paint the nail from halfway up to the tip. Then, to create a perfect line between the color and negative space, use a small brush dipped in polish remover and skim it across the dividing line of each nail.”

    1. Classic French

    Hand holding two bottles of nail polish, middle three fingers painted with white french tip, pinky and thumb painted red, short nail designs

    Inspo: @nailsbyguin
    Shades: Flawless White, Fizzy Apple

    Classic French tips have been popular throughout the 1970s and early 2000s and it is back in style once again. Whether it is with round or square tips, this design is minimal yet elegant; and it looks great on short nails! Try this updated French manicure for your next set.

    1. Gradient

    hand resting on a mirror, pastel gradient painted on the nails ranging from light pinks to orange. short nail designs

    Inspo: @polishednailstudio__
    Shades: Happily Ever After, Mint Jubilee, Pink Lace Veil, Always & Forever, Peach Charming

    Can’t decide on one color for your nails? Why not choose them all? Gradient nails allow you to select five different solid colors to paint on your nails. It is recommended to use similar color shades, such as five different shades of pink. However, you can be bold and use colors from different color families or all pastels like the nail look above. Gradients are another fairly simple design and they look great on short nails.

    1. Simple Floral

    pink nails holding a nail polish bottle, two fingers have white daisies painted on them

    Inspo: @unas_by_lilly
    Shade: Butterflies

    Flowers, flowers, flowers. In the mood for more of a spring look? Depending on the type of flower you choose, they can be particularly easy to create. Paint on a solid color, topping it with your favorite flower, like daisies for example, and create a delightful manicure for your short nails.

    1. Minimally Abstract

    light nude color painted nails, two nails have abstract faces outlined in black and yellow

    Inspo: @clavelgonzalez
    Shade: French Vanilla

    Lines, dots, shapes, and faces. Whatever pops in your head, its time for you to get creative. As one of the fall trends, minimal abstract art allows you to create simple designs while still having nails that stand out. Now go create mini masterpieces on your short canvases!

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    1. Not-So-Basic French

    Multicolored french tip nails, range from bright yellow to magenta

    Inspo: @itafierro
    Shades: Extra Lime Please, Paradise, Moonstone, Happy Hour

    As we said earlier, the classic French tip design is back in style, but so is a similar design that’s a little less subtle. Rather than using white on your short tips, change it up, and use a different color. You can also liven up the traditional French tip by using multiple colors, v-tips, or by adding simple designs like flowers and glitter.

    1. Flames

    two hands pointing towards each other, almond shaped nails with pink and blue flames on the tips

    Inspo: @sugarplumfairyfingers
    Shades: Moonstone, Go Girl, Blue-Tiful Smile, Clear Liquid Gel Builder

    Flames nail art is one of the hottest nail trends right now. This design looks great on both long and short nails. There are numerous ways to create this style! From using just one color, different shades for each flame, or even doing an ombré effect. Get creative and bring the heat to your next set of nails.

    1. Ombré

    fingers painted with a pink, purple, and blue ombre design. with dried flowers in the nails. three nail polish bottles

    Inspo: @sugarplumfairyfingers
    Shade: Lavender Fields, Wisteria, Forget Me Not

    Similar to gradient nails, ombré nails allow you to use more than one color. Whether you use solid colors, glitters, or metallics, you can create your set of short nails to match your mood. Want an easy way to create the ombré nails? 

    Try our Perfect Match Dip Ombré Gel!

    1. Tie-Dye

    multicolored rainbow nails with a tie-dye design

    Inspo: @anastasia.totty
    Shade: HeartthrobHappy HourSplash of Teal, Lilac Lux, California Coral 

    In the mood for adding some vibrance to your short nails? Then, it’s time to tie-dye your nails. Have fun with it and mix it up with different colors, from neon to pastels. Whether you are going for a groovy or cute look like the nails above, it doesn’t get much bolder than this.

    Looking for more short nail designs? Get inspired through our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! If you create any of these nail designs, use #LeChatNails and tag us @lechatnails for a chance to be featured on our socials. And for all of the LeChat products these artists used and more, visit us at!

  6. Top 6 Fall Nail Art Trends for 2020

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    Hey, nail art lovers! Looking for some inspiration for fall nail art? We’ve found 6 must-have nail looks just in time for Fall. Keep up with Fall 2020’s popular nail art trends and add a little extra glam to your nails!

    Nail technicians are always experimenting with different designs, nail shapes, and new styles in the nail art community. Nail art trends change with the seasons and this Fall is no different. We are seeing new unique designs and old-school trends with modern twists. From subtle shades to bold designs, let’s dive into these fall manicure trends.

    1. Gradient Nails

    Pink, blue, and purple gradients on coffin nails.

    Are you craving a multicolored manicure? Then gradient nails are perfect for you. Whether you want five colors or just two, gradients give you the freedom to mix it up! You can even pick fun colors to liven up your fall clothes. Hop on this trend and try out this radiant nail look!


    Inspo: @donnynails
    Shades: Pixieland, Rock Candy, Castaway, Paradise, Fairy Dust, On Cloud 9 
    1. V-Shaped French Nails

    White Deep V French Tip Nails

    If you love the classic French tip design, then you need to try out the deep V-shape French nail trend! This sophisticated nail art style can be done with your preferred nail length, whether it’s short, medium, or long. Keep the shades bright or even on the subtle side and top it off with a matte or glossy topcoat! Not only is this trending for Fall, but you can easily get this look from the comfort of your home.


    Inspo: @nailsbytashalynn
    Shade: Flawless White
    1. Minimally Abstract Nails

    Clear base nails with abstract art in pink, green, yellow, blue, black, and white

    Believe it or not, minimalism is a big trend this Fall. You can go with simple formations of lines, shapes, or dots for the minimalistic look. Or even add a mix of brush strokes for a more abstract design. No matter your nail shape, oval, sharp, almond, or coffin, the combination of these simplistic designs with your favorite shades, will help you to achieve the chic nails you desire.

    Inspo: @proglamk
    Shades: Flawless White, Go Girl, Black Velvet, Coral Carnation, Into the Deep, Happy Hour, Lush Life
    1. Patterned Nail Tips

    Clear base nails with ombre flames at the tip. Blue, orange, pink colors. Fall Nail art

    Flames, animal prints, flowers, fruits… the patterns are endless. Design a pattern at just the tip of your nails and you will find yourself with a unique, fun, and trendy look! Don’t want to go too basic? Mix & match different patterns for your Fall nails.


    Inspo: @lechatnails
    Shades: California Coral, Splash of Teal, Lilac Lux, Sunset Glow 

    Try out the new Juicy Vibes Collection!

    1. Glass nails

    Blue Jelly Glass Nails with multicolored smiley faces, Fall nail art

    Glassy and Sassy! Glass nails are a huge trend right now for Fall. Paint your long nails with translucent nail colors for a fashionable design. Get a manicure with your preferred translucent nail polish and add a glossy top coat for this stained-glass look.



    Inspo: @sugarplumfairyfingers
    Shade: Sea Glass
    1. Metallic Nails

    Pink shiny nails with a chrome finish. Metallux, Fall Nail Art

    Need a break from the crème colors? Add some shine to your nails and try metallic nail polishes this Fall! This irresistible look is beautiful and versatile. With a large range of shimmery metallics, you will be on top of the Fall trends.


    Inspo: @carisha_
    Shade: Unicorn Tears

    Looking for more nail art inspiration for Fall? Get inspired through our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! If you create any of these nail trends, use #LeChatNails and tag us @lechatnails for a chance to be featured on our socials. And for all of the LeChat products these artists used and more, visit us at!

  7. Perception Versus Reality

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    Lechat’s presence at Premiere Orlando this year was more prominent than ever before. Our booth stayed the same size, but our team and activity nearly doubled. We also invited three of the top twelve NTNA competitors to our booth to do live nail art demonstrations using our summer 2019 Colorful Moments collection.

    LeChat Nails Booth for Premier Orlando 2019

    LeChat Nails Booth buzzing with activity at Premier Orlando 2019

    LeChat was the sponsor for week three of the challenge – Perception Vs. Reality. The challenge was to use LeChat’s new translucent Perception gel-polish to create a nail design with dual meaning. The top ten artists were to create this by using LeChat Nail products on the underside of the nail and the top side of the nail. The contests were also asked to film a 5-minute video diary, where they showed the process of at least one underside design and one top design, which can be found on YouTube.

    Colorful Moments Premier Orlando Demo Nails

    Thanks to NTNA 2019 contestants Jerilee Fair (top twelve), Emily Nash (top six), and the winner herself, Ashton Harlan created an outstanding look on Hemi Park, a past NTNA top 3 finalist, as part of their nail art demos at our booth.

    Here are the Top Ten Contestants’ nail art using LeChat’s Perception Collections:

    LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Ashton Harlan for Nails Magazing NTNA 2019

    “…when we are not willing to see the reality behind our emotions, we lose sight of ourselves… With clouded judgment and a closed mind, our perception of reality becomes a false reality…Negative emotions [can] be overcome by… changing our perception of ourselves, and looking inward with self-reflection can we make the necessary changes.

    First of all – Congratulations to MisAshton who won the title of Nails Top Nail Artist for season six this year. Ashton portrayed “the seven deadly sins by playing on phrases like “the green-eyed monster” and “seeing red” on the top side of the nail. She balances the design filled with the perception of negative emotions with the seven chakra symbols. These are meant to help us guide ourselves back to our center and to a positive path through “self-reflection.”
    LeChat Percepton Nails by Ashley Hoffman for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

    “I am very cautious of the ocean because it is dark and mysterious. That is my perception of the ocean, so I wanted to illustrate that on the underside of my nail design.”

    Just keep swimming, and you can see the ocean is a vast, beautiful, and magical place once you explore beyond the often murky perception of its deep blue surface. Ashlee Hoffman used the Perception collection to “show that even though something may appear dark and ominous that when you take a clear look, there is so much beauty.”
    LeChat Nails by Bojana Radojicic Percepton Vs. Reality Challenge entry by for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

    “My inspiration for this challenge is the movie “The Others,” starring Nicole Kidman.”

    Bojana Radojicic‘s thrilling inspiration from the movie “The Others,” starring Nicole Kidman has the thriller and horror fans around here tipping their hats to her. Her design shows that one’s perceived reality is not always the actual reality.

    LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Carly Snyr for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

    “Social media can show us things that may or not be genuine.”

    Carly Snyr used her nail art to comment on the perception people create of themselves on social media versus the reality of their lives. “With social media having such high importance and influence these days, I can’t help but notice the desperation to appear as good as, or better than our peers, no matter the illusion it takes to get there. Social media can show us things that may or not be genuine.” The character of her self on the underside displays her trapped under the pressures of social perception and then punching through in search of “peace and authenticity, love, and reality.”

    LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Emily Nash for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

    “Can you imagine how it would be to perceive color completely different than someone else?”

    Nail artist Emily Nash challenges us to perceive the world through the eyes of someone who is colorblind.  She mirrored the design on the top and bottom of the nail. On the top, she used white as a base to make the colors pop, but muted the colors on the underside to show how differently we each perceive the world based on an individual’s physical realities.

    LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Jenna Jupin for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

    “Have you ever been in a wild forest in the night?”

    Jenna Jupin has us bewildered by her natural inspiration. She asks empowers us to overcome our “fears of [false] perception[s]” using natural healing elements of nature, including emerald for eyesight and wellbeing, and the powerful protection energy of Amber.

    LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Kelsey Waldo for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

    “This challenge made me think of another passion of mine, helping people with domestic violence situations. I thought that this would be a very accurate representation of people’s perceptions of a relationship versus reality.”

    This painful yet often real reality for victims of domestic violence is unapologetically brought to light by Kelsey Waldo. She works with people of domestic violence and is using her art to help raise awareness in a very approachable pop art format. “This way, [Kelsey] was able to show [raw] images and make an impact but in a more artsy way… even when you can see the reality you can never truly see or understand the abuse that these people endure. For people who are not subjected to domestic violence images, they may not know how frequently it occurs or that they themselves are in an abusive relationship.” She depicts verbal, physical, and emotional abuse. She also provides hope through help and empowerment – as the thumbnail shows -“Speak out.”

    LeChat Nails Perception Nail Art by Lorna Andrews for Nails Magazine NTNA 2019

    “Let’s first start by asking the question: do you like you? What do you perceive yourself to be in a world that can be seemingly perfect…”

    Lorna Andrews has us singing Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful” with this reveal set depicting her empowering message that we are perfect just as the unique individuals we are. In her own words, Lorna’s reveal set “shows the way we as individuals perceive ourselves to look, as we highlight our insecurities, lumps, and bumps, and imperfections. I wanted to show I included the white hoops to represent the great lengths people go to fit in… I feel like society has a distorted perception of beauty and I wanted to portray that within a revealing set that shows the tables turning of how we as individuals perceive ourselves with our insecurities highlighted in color, and then the tip swiveling around to portray the reality that you are absolutely stunning NO MATTER WHAT. Believe in yourself because you’ve got this!”

    Nixxi Rose - LeChat Perception NTNA 2019

    “The idea of highlighting the topic of plastics in the ocean seemed to work well alongside the color scheme and the theme of perception vs. reality.”

    The winner of the Perception Vs. Reality challenge was Nixxi Rose, who drew her inspiration from an image “of a jellyfish compared to a plastic bag. “The idea of highlighting the topic of plastics in the ocean seemed to work well alongside the color scheme and the theme of perception vs. reality. On the top side, I represented the perception of the sea; vibrant, full of life and abundant with color.” On the backside, she “depict[ed] the harsh reality of mountains of plastic disguising itself as jellyfish, bubbles and light refraction floating ominously ready to choke, trap or poison any unfortunate nearby sea creatures.

    Stella Sampson - LeChat Nails Perception NTNA 2019 Challenge

    “…my piece of nail art is really all about showing the reality we want to show on the top of the nails, and on the bottom is the acceptance of others based on the perception of the reality we show.”

    We love the happy #Lechat nail on this set by Stella Thompson, who was inspired by how social media twists reality. As Stella says, “A beautified reality, which in turn changes our perception in regards to our image, happiness, and success. That’s how we fall into the trap and become captives of social media.”

    We are genuinely inspired by your powerful artwork, Ladies!  And speaking of getting inspired by social – for more nail art inspiration, get social with us on Instagram and Facebook. And for all of the LeChat products these artists used and more, visit us at!