DIY Geometric Nail Art: Fun & Stylish Designs

January 13, 2024

Sleek Chevron Stripes

Add a touch of sophistication to your mani with chevron stripes. This versatile design, achievable with CM gel or nail art’s precision brush or with a fine detail brush, is perfect for a clean manicure with a dark, alluring shade. Experiment with horizontal and vertical stripes, altering the space between each line for endless geometric possibilities.

What You’ll Need:

Quick How-To:

  1. Prep your nails with Lechat Gel Primer & Gel Base Coat for a smooth surface that makes easy nail art a breeze.
  2. Apply two coats of Perfect Match “Destiny” for the perfect deep sea shade
  3. Paint a line from the middle of the nail to the side wall with CM Gel Art “White” and repeat on the other side to create a V shape.
  4. Clean up, perfect and thicken your V line to your desired effect
    Pro Tip; If you mess up, just wipe the nail with gel cleanser before curing anything and try again!
  5. Repeat the steps to create another V shape, creating as many chevron lines as you want.
  6. Cure for 60 seconds and top with a glossy top coat!

Pro Tips: For a no-top-coat necessary look, use Lechat Gel Polish 084 “Jenny “and 003 “Simplicity” for a similar effect in less time



Checkered Chic

Dial up the drama with some crosshatch action! Mix and match shades that vibe well together, or keep it simple with contrasting colors. For this tutorial, we’ll create a dramatic Checkerboard using contrasting greens with our Dare to Wear Nail Lacquer, which comes free in our gel and lacquer duo.

What You’ll Need:

Quick How-To:

  1. Start off by applying an even coat of “Fresh Start” and letting it dry.
  2. Lay down a horizontal stripe using “Rising Sea”.
  3. Next, paint a vertical stripe using the same color to create four even sections on the nail.
  4. Fill in the upper left corner with “Rising Sea”.
  5. Once dry, proceed to the lower right corner and paint it with “Rising Sea”.
  6. Refine the edges with a fine brush if needed.
  7. Finish off with Dare to Wear top coat to lock in your masterpiece.
    Pro Tips:
    Plan your color combination ahead for a cohesive look.

    Ensure each coat is thoroughly dry before applying the next.


Textured Half-Matte French Tip

Elevate a classic nail design with a half-matte finish, introducing texture for a contemporary twist. Experiment with dark greens, reds, and greys for a sophisticated look.

What You’ll Need:

Half-Matte How-To:

  1. Apply two coats of gel polish as the base.
  2. Add a thin, even coat of matte gel sealer and cure for 60 seconds, wiping with gel cleanser when done.
  3. Create a chic French tip with the glossy, no-wipe top coat.
  4. Cure for 60 seconds and repeat for each nail.

Pro Tips: Before filling in your design with Glossy Top Coat, use a fine liner brush to outline the area, allowing for more precise lines.


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