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Nail lacquer is a liquid applied directly to the nails and dries when exposed to air. Gel polish, on the other hand, is a thicker formula that is cured under a UV or LED light, resulting in a longer lasting and more durable manicure that is less prone to chips or scratches.


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Absolutely! Just contact our customer service by calling our office at (510) 741-9998.

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Gel Polish System

Your nails have tacky residue due to the gel polish curing in the light. To remove this residue, you need to wipe your nails with a gel cleanser and lint-free wipes. Alternatively, you can use non-wipe products, like our No Wipe Top Coat.

If you are noticing ripples in your gel polish, it is possible that you may have applied it too thick and not given it enough time to cure under the UV or LED light. To get the best results, it is recommended that you apply gel polish in two thin layers.

The peeling of gel polish could be due to incorrect preparation, such as contamination of the nail surface with natural oils. To create a superior bond between the nail and gel, be sure to thoroughly cleanse and prep the nail, and use a quality primer before application.

Another factor that could cause peeling is applying the base gel too thickly. The first layer of the base gel should be very thin and evenly applied to the nail, with the free edge capped entirely. Additionally, the temperature during application can also affect the consistency of the gel.

To ensure a smooth nail surface before applying color, start with the brush on the cuticle area straight down to the free edge to remove any excess build-up during capping. Then, place the nails into the UV or LED light.

Yes, you can cure gel polish colors for longer than 1 minute under UV or LED light if needed. However, the minimum curing time recommended is 1 minute.

3in1 Dip Powder

The Perfect Match 3in1 powder is a versatile system that combines three different applications in one jar. It can be used in three different ways: as a powder gel nail system by sprinkling the powder over wet gel, as an acrylic system with monomer, or as a dipping system with adhesive.

You can. However, it is not recommended to do a wet manicure before applying 3in1 powder as water may interfere with proper adhesion. It is important to thoroughly dry and dehydrate the nails before applying the powder for better results.

No, our 3in1 powders are a designer proprietary formulation that is specially designed to work with monomer, dip base, and gel powder base. This makes it a unique and innovative system that differs from traditional acrylic powders.

This is a gel system that is designed to soak off. File the surface of the enhancement to remove the shine from the nails. Then, either soak your nails in a bowl or use saturated cotton on the nail wrapped in a small piece of foil. Our remover is specially formulated to soak off the gel while maintaining hydration on the surrounding soft tissue, such as cuticles and sidewalls.

When applying the first layer, only apply the Dip Base to zones 1 and 2 (2/3 of the nail), and immediately dip it into 3in1 Powder at a 45-degree angle, repeating these steps. For the next layer, start near the cuticle, leaving a tiny free margin around the cuticle and sidewalls to prevent the powder from adhering to any skin, and cover the length of the nail using your Dip Base.

This will depend on the condition of your client’s natural nails. The stronger the natural nails, the fewer layers are required. We recommend applying a minimum of two layers for optimal results. If your client desires longer enhancements, additional layers can be added for extra strength.


Yes, you can use gel polish with the acrylic system, and it works great together!

Yes, you will need to use a top gel sealer over the color.


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Temperature Change Polishes

Mood polish utilizes new thermal temperature-activated technology developed by LECHAT. This technology enables the color of the polish to change shades based on temperature of the body as well as the surrounding climate you are in.

The color-changing effect of mood polish is more noticeable on longer nails because the free edge of the nail is further away from the body’s constant temperature. This allows for multiple shades to appear on the nail surface simultaneously. However, mood polish will still change color just as frequently on shorter nails. The difference is that the color change may be more uniform due to the shorter free edge of the nail.

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