Top 10 Blue Spring/Summer Nail Looks!

May 9, 2024

Get ready to dive into a sea of stunning blues as we explore the top 10 spring & summer nail trends featuring LeChat products, guaranteed to add a splash of color and style to your fingertips this season!

1) Glitter Up

With it’s holoreflective shine, Skydust will sparkle day or night!

Shop this look: Perfect Match Skydust Aquamarine Frost, CM Gel Art White

2) Cobalt Porcelain 

Delicate yet impactful, the porcelain nail trend has been popping up in our recommended all season!

Shop this look: LeChat Gel Polish Gaia, Perfect Match Flawless White

3) Take a Bow



The springtime bow trend goes all out with stand-out 3D effects!

Shop this look: Lechat Gel Polish Inocencio

Check out the tutorial for this nail art on our Instagram!

4) Positive Affirmations

Who doesn’t need a reminder to relax? Get this unique look with calming baby blue and a DIY airbrush effect.

Shop this look: Perfect Match Twinkle Toes, CM Gel Art White

Check out the tutorial for this nail art on our Instagram!

5) True Blue

Indigos, navies, and poppy blues are dominating instagram grids! Stun with these ocean hues and LeChat deep blues!

Shop this look: Perfect Match Indigo Flow, Perfect Match Into the Deep, Perfect Match Goodnight Moon

6) Turquoise Chrome

Achieve a gorgeous beetle shell look with blue chrome nail effects that are sure to make a splash.

Shop this look: Mirano Cloud’s End Chrome Pigment

Check out all our new chrome shades!

7) Summer Night Sky

 Skydust’s sparkling blue will bring you right back to fireflies, shooting stars, and warm summer nights.

Shop this look: Perfect Match Skydust Midnight Fusion

8) Blueberry Milk 

For a delicately feminine spring look, baby blue french tips with adorable berry accents are a truly sweet manicure!

Shop this look: Lechat Gel Rouge, Lechat Gel Sail Away, Lechat Gel Gaia, Lechat Gel Jenny, CM Gel Art White

9) Forget me not

Subtle florals over nude manicures make for a fun yet sophisticated combo!

Shop this look: Perfect Match Paloma, Perfect Match T-Bird Blue

10) Fabulous Mermaid


The Mermaidcore aesthetic isn’t going anywhere in 2024 so if you haven’t taken the plunge with this ethereal trend, now’s your chance!

Shop this look: Perfect Match Metallux Siren Song

Check out the tutorial for this nail art on our Instagram!

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