What’s the Perfect Nail Shape for Your Fingers

March 22, 2024

What is the Best Nail Shape For You?

Do you have a go-to nail shape you usually get at the nail salon or do on yourself? Want to find a nail shape that naturally compliments your hands? Let’s take a look at the different nail shapes and what type of hands they are perfect for!


The Elegant

Almond nails are a popular nail shape characterized by curvy edges and tapered ends that arch to a rounded tip, resembling the shape of an almond. This shape elongates the fingers and offers a feminine and elegant appearance. Almond nails are compatible for both short and long nails as it creates an appearance of longer nail beds.


The Classic

Round nails are a classic, with curvy edges and round tips. This shape resembles the natural fingertip and offers a soft, understated look. Round nails are often most suitable for short nails for an effortlessly natural appearance and fitting for most hand types due to its simplicity. Round nails offer low maintenance nails that are less prone to breaking and optimal for everyday wear.

Perfect for: Short and wide fingers


The Simplistic 

Oval nails have a rounded tip and an elongated shape. While it looks similar to almond nails, the sides of oval nails slightly curve inward following the natural shape of the nails and has a rounder tip. It is most suitable for people with short fingers and long palms, as they make the fingers appear longer. Oval nails are elegant and low maintenance, perfect for an everyday wear.

Perfect for: Short fingers, Long palm


The Bold

Square nails are straight on the sides and tip with sharp corners, creating an effortlessly bold look. Square nails are versatile in style and design, as it looks flawless for any length. Whether you want your nails short for low maintenance, or long for extravagant designs, square nails are the perfect shape to fulfill your desires.

Perfect for: Long fingers, Long palm


The Contemporary

Can’t decide between oval and square nails? Squoval nails are the best of both worlds! It has straight edges with soft curves. Squoval nails offers the strength and durability of square nails while also providing the elegance and softer look of oval nails. While it is suitable for any type of hand, it is best for hands with long fingers and wide palms. Similar to square nails, squoval nails are versatile and works for any nail length.

Perfect for: Long fingers, Wide palms


The Diva

Coffin nails are a favorite, unleashing your inner diva. It distinguishes from square nails through its tapered sides with flat tips, mirroring the shape of a coffin. Coffin nails are often worn at longer lengths to accentuate their sleek and bold appearance. Its flat surface allows for versatility in creating intricate and creative designs.

Perfect for: Short and slim fingers


The Fierce

Stiletto nails scream confidence and fierce. Similar to the almond shape, stiletto nails have straight edges that come together to a pointed tip. This shape is often worn with a longer length to create a dramatic, sleek look that makes short fingers look elongated. Stiletto nails are harder to maintain and prone to breakage, but its fierce appearance allows for dramatic and intricate designs

Perfect for: Short and long fingers, Wide palms


The Bold

If you’re looking for a nail shape that takes you out of your comfort zone, this is the shape for you! Flare nails, also known as duck feet nails, are bold and distinctive. Flare nails typically feature a wider base that gradually tapers out towards the tip, creating a flared-out effect that is wider than the nail bed itself. Depending on the length, some designs featuring a subtle flare, while others have a more pronounced and exaggerated shape. Flare nails allow for creativity in designs due to its unconventional and bold appearance.

Perfect for: Short fingers, Wide palms

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