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Have questions about your LeChat products? We have the answers.

Perfect Match and Gelee are for professional use only so you will need a valid license to purchase these products. Nail professionals, log in here to purchase.

To find a LeChat salon with these services, go to the salon locator.

Perfect Match is a gel polish that can last up to two weeks with no chips or scratches and requires an LED lamp to cure in between coats for fast drying time. Perfect Match and other gel products are for professional use only.

Customers who don’t have a license can purchase any of the Dare to Wear nail lacquers which are all color matched to the Perfect Match gel colors.

The colors on the ads were designed to come as close to the true color of the polish as possible. Because of printer variations and monitor settings, we can’t guarantee an exact color match. These colors are made to be a representation of the true color.

We release six new Perfect Match and Dare to Wear colors for every season. We will also include some special releases throughout the year so sign up for our newsletter to receive new launch alerts as soon as they're released!

Products expire one year after open date.

No, we never tested on animals and will never test on animals.

Mood polish uses new thermal temperature-activated technology developed by LeChat. This allows the color to change shades based on body temperatures as well as the surrounding climate you are in.

The color change effect will be more noticeable on longer-length nails because the free-edge of the nail is further away from your body's constant temperature, enabling multiple shades to occur on the nail surface at once. Mood polish on shorter nails will still change just as often, but will more likely change uniformly due to less of a free-edge being present.

The Mood Gel Polish is only sold as a separate gel polish. It does not come with a matching Dare to Wear lacquer because of the color changing effect. There is no guarantee of an exact color match.

Log in to our LeChat professional page here to find a distributor near you.

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The white bottle is the Perfect Match Gel Polish color. It requires a 36-watt UV light to cure or dry. The other bottle is the color matching Dare to Wear shade and it is a regular nail polish.

The Gelée 3in1 Color Powder is three versatile systems packaged into one jar. It can be used three different ways—Use with the Gelée Powder Gel Nail System by sprinkling the powder over a wet gel, use with monomer as an acrylic system or with an adhesive as a dipping system.

A 9-watt UV light is possible to use on LeChat gel products but there is no guarantee that the polishes will cure. To ensure that your LeChat products cure correctly, use LeChat lamps.

The Gelée Powder Gel system takes the benefits of both powder and gel systems and combines them into one. The application consists of sprinkling Gelée Powder Gel or Gelée 3in1 Color Powder over wet Gelée Base Coat and then curing in an LED/UV lamp.

Your nails have tacky residue due to the gel polish curing in the light. You need to wipe your nails with Gelée Cleanser and lint-free wipes.

You may have applied the Perfect Match Gel Polish too thick and not have allowed enough curing time under the UV light. For the best result, apply gel polish in two thin layers.

Before using the Perfect Match gel polish, shake the bottle well to mix the color if the bottle hasn’t been used for a long period of time.

Yes, Perfect Match Gel Polish works great with the Nail Architecture Acrylic System.

Yes, you will need to use a Top Gel Sealer over the color.

Incorrect preparations may be the culprit behind this problem. The nail surface may be contaminated with some types of natural oil. Be sure to cleanse and prep the nail thoroughly before application.

Another solution to the problem may be applying Perfect Match Ultra-Thin Varnish Base Gel too thick. Applying polish in cold settings may cause gel to become thicker and hot settings may cause gel to become thinner and stringier. The first layer of the Base Gel that goes directly to natural nail bed should be very thin and evenly applied to the nail.

The free-edge should be capped entirely. Make sure to smooth out application on the nails by starting with the brush on the cuticle area straight down to free-edge to remove any excess gel build up during capping before placing the nails into the UV light. This will ensure the nail surface is smooth before your color applications.

Perfect Match Ultra-Thin Varnish Base Gel can be applied as many layers as needed. For the best results, we recommend applying two thin layers of the Perfect Match Gel Polish color.

Yes, and the minimum curing time under the 36-watt UV light is 1 minute.  

No, acetone or alcohol alone will not fully remove gel residue. Our Gelée Cleanser and Nobility Gel Cleanser are specifically formulated to remove LeChat gel products.

We ship at a flat rate of $15.

Currently, we ship within the 48 consecutive United States only excluding Alaska and Hawaii. To find more information on how to buy our products in another country, email

No, we do not ship to P.O. box addresses.

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