Fix Broken & Uneven Nails with Liquid Gel Builder

November 16, 2023

Looking to master nail extensions or fix a broken nail? Lechat Liquid Gel Builder is a must-have product for just that. Whether your nails are too short, broken, or uneven on the surface, this artificial enhancement system will correct these imperfections. The steps to applying the Lechat Liquid Gel Builder is the key to proper adhesion and structure for your nails.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before we begin, gather all the necessary products and tools. Make sure you have a nail file, buffer, gel cleanser, Perfect Match Prime Bond Nail Dehydrator Lechat Gel Base Coat, Duo Form 2-Way Nail Form, No Wipe Top Coat, and Liquid Gel Builder.

Step 2: Prep Your Nails

Start by prepping your nails by removing any old polish, push back the cuticles, and file to desired shape. Buff your nails and remove any dust with gel cleanser. Apply Primebond Nail Dehydrator for enhanced adhesion and Lechat Gel Base Coat with Calcium and Vitamin E to ensure your nails are healthy and strong.

Step 3: Fit and Apply Nail Form

Peel a nail form from the roll and cut the one side of the dual sided nail forms to be able to open up the form.

The form has 2 sides, if your natural nail is more oval in shape use the oval side of the nail form and secure it right under the natural nail so it creates an extension of your natural nail. If you have a square shaped natural nail the square side will be the best fit. Secure the form underneath the natural nail and fold the bottom taps to secure the form and create a natural arch. Stick the form to the sidewalls and finger to make sure the form does not move when you apply the Liquid Gel Builder.

Step 4: Apply Lechat Liquid Gel Builder

Apply thin layer of Lechat Liquid Gel Builder on the entire nail surface and cure. Continue to apply the gel builder to build the structure to desired thickness. Apply a larger bead down the center of the nail in a right to left motion. This is an important step you should not miss to ensure strength and straightness. Spread the gel evenly over the surface of the nail and cure.

Step 4: Remove Form, File, and Buff

Carefully remove the nail form and wipe off the sticky residue with gel cleanser. File the nail to desired shape and length. Smooth out any uneven areas on the surface of the nail. Buff and wipe with gel cleanser for a final time.

Step 5: Seal with Lechat No Wipe Top Coat

Apply a thin layer of Lechat No Wipe Top Coat and cure for sixty seconds.

Following these steps is important to ensuring proper adhesion and straightness of the nails. Remember to apply a larger bead of gel builder down the center of the nail for strength and structure. If you want to add designs or color to the nail, this can be done after Step 4. Now you are ready to create strong and structured extensions using Lechat Liquid Gel Builder!

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