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Perfect Match™ Duo (Gel & Polish) May Deal
LeChat Nails

Perfect Match Gel Powder Base



  • Multi-use: Gel Powder Base, Strengthen natural nails,
    Blooming and marbling gel art
  • Natural and clean results with a thin layer
  • Easy application
  • Reinforce natural nails
  • Compatible with all Perfect Match’s Powders
  • Fast cure – maximum of 60 seconds

Step by Step

STEP 1 Prep nails. Apply Perfect Match Bond Plus and let dry.

STEP 2 Apply a thin layer of Perfect Match Gel Powder Base.  Cure 60 seconds in LED lamp.

STEP 3 Apply a second thin layer of Perfect Match Gel Powder Base. Using Powder Application Spoon, sprinkle Perfect Match 3in1 Powder over nail while rocking the finger side to side to ensure complete coverage. Gently tap fingers to remove excess powder. Cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds.

STEP 4 Apply a third layer of Perfect Match Gel Powder Base and second layer of Perfect Match 3in1 Powder by repeating steps 3. Repeat this process for more desired coverage

STEP 5. Apply a layer of Perfect Match Gel Powder Base.  Cure 30 secs in LED lamp. Remove fingers.   Spray and wipe off tacky residue with Perfect Match Cleanser

STEP 6 File, shape, and buff nails.  Use brush to remove excess dust. Spray and wipe nails with Perfect Match Cleanser.

STEP 7 Apply Perfect Match Non Cleansing Gel Top Coat.  Cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds.

STEP 8 Finish with cuticle oil.


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