Deep Sea Perfect Match Duo

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Slate green-blue to pink color shift with a gold shimmer



Watch your nail color change magically before your eyes! This Perfect Match Mood gel polish is temperature-activated and dramatically transforms color depending on whether you’re feeling cold or hot.

Perfect Match Gel Polish

  • Easy application, quick soak off
  • High gloss shine that lasts for weeks
  • LED/UV cured
  • No running, shrinking or color fading

Perfect Match Duo package includes: Color matching gel polish and nail lacquer duo.

How to Apply

  1. Prep nails for gel polish application.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Perfect Match Gel Polish. Cure in lamp for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply another thin layer of polish and cure again. Repeat one more time if needed.
  4. Apply Perfect Match High Gloss Top Gel Sealer and cure for one minute. Wipe tacky residue from nails with lint-free wipe and cleanser.

1 review for Deep Sea

  1. Jasmin

    Ordered this deep sea color because I loved the green and brown, yet the nail polish I got delivered is pink and purple shimmer. It’s all numbered and labeled as deep sea but is purple and pink. Don’t bother buying because the colors online don’t match the color you’ll see in person

    • Lechat Nails

      Hello! We are so sorry you were not satisfied with your order and we apologize for the error, we are working to provide better representation of this color. If you wish to email us at we are happy to offer an exchange.

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