Minthe Color & Top in One Coat

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Deep seductive maroon sheer finish.



Introducing the latest in gel polish innovation! Say goodbye to the need for a topcoat with LeChat Gel Polish Color & Top In-One-Coat. Achieving flawless gel polish application is as simple as 1, 2, 3! It’s 30% quicker and requires 50% less product compared to traditional gel manicures. Just three essentials needed – LeChat’s Gel Primer, Base Coat, and Gel Polish Color – you can effortlessly create stunning, glossy, and enduring nails. Made in USA.

  • Enjoy one-coat coverage without requiring a topcoat!
  • Experience a high-gloss shine that stays vibrant for weeks
  • Save both time for clients and money on products
  • Benefit from a newly designed brush for precise application around cuticles
  • Utilize the ergonomic silicone band for effortless bottle handling and opening
  • Trusted by nail technicians as the go-to choice for pedicures
  • Perfect for professionals and beginners alike

How to Apply

Items needed: LeChat Gel Polish Color & Top In-One-Coat, Lechat Gel Primer & Lechat Gel Base Coat, and an LED lamp. FOR BEST RESULTS – use LeChat Gel Primer, LeChat Gel Base when applying LeChat Gel Polish Color & Top In-One-Coat.

  1. Prep nails for gel polish application.
  2. Apply LeChat Gel Primer.
  3. Apply a thin layer of LeChat Gel Base Coat, cure 1 minute in LED lamp.
  4. Final step - apply a thin layer of LeChat Gel Polish Color & Top In-One-Coat, cure in lamp for 1 minute.
  5. DONE…No topcoat needed! You may apply more than one coat of gel polish if desired, just repeat step #4.

Lechat Gel Polish Step by Step

With no more top coat needed, Lechat Gel Polish makes perfect application as easy as 1, 2 3! Just primer, base coat, & one coat of our 2 in 1 color is all you need! 30% faster manicures save you more time, money, and product than traditional gel polishes. Perfect for beginners and pros! Work smarter, not harder!  

  • No more top coat
  • Innovative new brush for precision
  • Silicone cap grip for comfort
  • Superior shine


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